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Our realtime artificial-intelligence driven platform, aggregates market sentiment and provides traders with actionable buy and sell levels during the trading day.

Definable Thresholds

Set levels to be alerted when markets are favorable to trade.

Continuous Analysis

Realtime predictions that evolve as markets do.

High Probability Targets

Find the gems in price levels easily with our self learning AI.

Mobile Experience

Take control of your entire trading experience from access, to plans, to streams, and more!

Ditch your passwords and access our network with the ease of your phone

Utilize our PolyPlans to find levels that are ideal for swing trading.

Have access to PolyStreams, our realtime trading algorythms controlled by AI for a true edge.

Discover your risk tolerance with our integrated risk assessment to understand recommended allocation.

PolyStreams™ Features

Trading streams built by, and for, elite day traders, this is the ultimate tool for gathering trading signals in real-time.

Poly Position

Quickly glance at the AI’s position by the large box

Poly Advice

Current pivot price where bias should be assumed.

Daily Predictions

Each line item has a summary which can be tapped to see a more.

Poly Targets

Easily see both predictions along with rolling probability and odds.

Poly Suggestions

Short view of Poly AI's real time consideration of market pressure.

Volume Analysis

Proprietary view into buying and selling pressure.

Watch Video

Get ready for the next generation in interactive assistants

Quick Preview

Here are just a few of the screens that make up our full-featured solution.

Fun Facts

From PolyPlans to PolyStreams, we are always working to improve.

Plan Accuracy

App Subscriptions

Between PolyPlans and PolyStreams, we offer a variety of options including freemium offerings!



per plan
  • Any plan offered
  • Auto trade offered*
  • User can request a plan
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Try before you buy
  • 1 PolyPlan per month
  • 2 Free PolyStreams tokens
  • No obligation to buy
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1 Token
  • Access any stream for 1 day
  • Choose from 5 markets
  • Use AI or High Probability
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* only for supported brokers

Common FAQ

Let us take some of the mystery out of the process by answerring a few common questions.

Absolutely not. We offer trials of both PolyPlans and PolyStreams to allow for you to learn within the app. Apart from training videos, you can start with PolyPlans and simply paper trade to understand the process. It is why we offer a free plan every month - risk-free until you are comfortable with the process.
Of course! We offer a request service in the application for any stock we currently track or you can request one we don't have to be added. Requests are charged the same price as our PolyPlans and typically take a few weeks to create depending on current backlogs.
Our application provides you an integrated knowledge base aligned with access to both our support staff and advisors that create the PolyPlans and PolyStreams, both of which can answer any questions you may have along the way.

Current PolyPlans

Check out the current trading plans offered in the app. More every month!

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